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How to Find a Lawyer in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is Thailand’s fifth largest city situated in its northern region. It is said to be founded by King Mengrai in 1926 as “Chiang Mai” meaning new city. In the passing of centuries, the place was refined to inculcate its rich culture and fascinating history to the people. Until now, there are about 300 Buddhist temples scattered around the city. Local residents also continued celebrating old time traditions and festivities like Loi Kratong, Songkran, Tam Boon Khan Dok and Flower festival.

Aside from the aforementioned qualities of the city, it is blessed with an ideal climate and topographical features making it one of the most attractive tourist and retirement destinations for both Thais and expatriates.

The immense increase in visitors and enterprising foreigners has made a dramatic increase in the need for international lawyers in the city. Many request for lawyers to assist them in complying with the stringent rules and regulations implemented by the Royal Thai national government and the Chiang Mai City.

Chiang Mai Lawyer

The area is approximately 40,216 square kilometers and the population as of 2008 is already 148,477 making the task of finding a lawyer through the traditional way of asking the locals not as convenient as it may in small cities. To make things worse, even if there are some good lawyers doing legal services for a minimal amount, most of them are centered only in the city. It is well known that Thailand has a centralized way of handling administrative and legal matters such that most of the transactions in the said city are required to be linked to Bangkok offices (Bangkok is the home for most governmental ministries).

The only practical approach in hiring lawyers in the said city is to find law firms that have branches in other cities in the country, especially Bangkok. Firms usually consists of several lawyers, each handling cases in his specialized field. Most of these firms have websites that provides the type of services offered and corresponding contact information.

How to Find a Lawyer

If you are trying to find a lawyer for your immigration dispute or are looking for advice as a employer, then finding and selecting the best immigration lawyer to represent your case will be essential to your success.

If you do find a lawyer, how will you know if they are the correct one. One of the best ways to find a lawyer is word of mouth. Reputation is very important to lawyers. A recommendation from a friend might be a good starting point. Your next step will be to meet the lawyer and see what there specialism is and how well you might get on with that person. You will also be trying to find out if they are hard working, honest and is knowledgeable on your issues.

Other things to consider is how much time they spend with you on your matters? Do they promise you the world of are they upfront about the difficulties your case could have. Are they honest about there fee? Is it a one off flat fee or is it broken down into parts? You should always get literature and something in writing about fees.

What is their communication like? Can you call them anytime of the day? Do they work with email addresses? Can you log into your case online to get a progress update? There are many questions that you can ask yourself about how suitable a lawyer might be.

Tips on how to Find a Lawyer for Immigrants

There are a number of things to keep in mind before finally choosing your lawyer. Always be on your guard against lawyers, especially free ones that are only interested in getting a hold of your fee by promising you 100% and that your application can be submitted, when others have said it can’t. The last thing you want is losing more money on lawyers.

Find a lawyer that specialises in immigration law and is a member of a law association. This should be their main focus and not some side line.

Migration is a complex, which requires a wealth of knowledge and experience of the laws for the destination country. Never choose a lawyer that is trying to persuade you to be dishonest or will ‘arrange’ migration for a fee. If you are found out then there is no come back for you and you could end up being deported. The lawyer will still have your fee. Choose wisely and be aware of any hype and false promises.