Finding a Lawyer

Finding a lawyer that can accommodate all your legal needs can be a sensitive process. Many people are unaware of when and how you may need a lawyer. New Zealand tends to be the place where “do it yourself” is considered the best option, but using an expert can often save you far more in time and resources than trying to manage legal aspects yourself.

Before you select a lawyer in New Zealand, it is important to work out what area of law you mainly need to address. While firms cater for a wide variety of different areas, different sectors are managed by different lawyers. New Zealand firms are often generalists, with partners and solicitors working on specific areas within the firm.

You might need a New Zealand solicitor for the following areas:

– Buying or selling a property: Whether it is purchasing a home or land, an investment or a business, a property lawyer ensures all the NZ legal requirements are met and you are in the most protected position you can be in terms of transfer of ownership and settlement.

– Business and Company law: If you are starting a company, acquiring a business or want to ensure all your procedural documents are ready and ordered, engage the help of a solicitor. New Zealand lawyers can explain the ins and outs of legal requirements to prevent any unwelcome surprises later on in the piece.

– Environmental law: The last thing you want to do when beginning a new venture is discovering your plans contravene environmental law. With the strong national focus on sustainability, you’ll need an expert in environmental law. New Zealand legislation around this area can be a minefield to the uninitiated.

– Wills and estate planning: While no one wants to plan for their own demise, forethought and protection of assets can ensure the people you leave behind are well looked after, and the assets you built in your lifetime last. Finding a New Zealand law firm that can help administer your estate can also help.

– Family law: No one wants to need a lawyer to be involved in family matters but in today’s world it’s an important step to ensure that partners, children and parents are all looked after. If you are looking for information about custody, separation, and asset disputes, use a solicitor. New Zealand law is there to protect the interests of the family.

– Maori acts and legislation: While many New Zealand laws would fit into other western countries, there are specific laws and acts that are specific to Maori cultural needs. This includes Treaty of Waitangi claims, Maori land court and how to consider any cultural impact when developing land.

Whatever your legal needs, it is important to match them with a suitable lawyer. New Zealand law firms understand it’s important to cater for a wide variety of needs within the same firm.